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Travelling with a baby: Top 5 Budget Travel Hacks

We know luggage space and budget are tight when it comes to travelling with a baby so we’ve jotted down our favourite budget travel hacks from years of globetrotting with our two boys!

Whether you’re hopping on the train for a day out or jetting off to backpack around Asia for six months, these budget buys will make your life a little easier for under £30!

1. Wrap around fleece ~ £22

We have found that a versatile extra layer is essential when travelling with a baby. The plane might have over zealous aircon or you might arrive at night… but you don’t really want to pack an enormous coat or snowsuit for the baby. A fleece wrap is lightweight and folds up small but keeps them snuggly warm. They stay on (unlike a blanket) and can be worn comfortably in car seats, buggies and carriers. We took ours to Malaysia and it was perfect for the cooler mornings and evenings, so during the day we just popped it in our bag.

Our choice: Tuppence & Crumble Starsnug Wrap (£22). In so many gorgeous colours with an adorable Pom Pom on the hood and integrated fold-over gloves.

2. Extra Large Muslin ~ £15

Extra large Muslins (sometimes called swaddles) are one of the most versatile travel essentials we have come across. They are essentially large, thin fabric squares which can be used for so many things: playmat, burp cloth, sunshade, towel, blanket, sheet… the list is endless! We have also used ours to line bassinets on planes and as a toga when Fin got through all his clothes while we were out one day! They fold up really small, are quick drying and are supposed to be crinkled so no ironing needed!

Our choice: Aden & Anais (£15). With a range of beautiful patterns there’s something for everyone. We also love SnuggleHunnyKids but the shipping from Australia can get expensive!

3. Fiddle Necklace ~ £21

A bored, squirmy baby is the last thing you need on a cramped flight. A fiddle necklace can be worn (so takes up no luggage space!) and provides endless entertainment for babies. We chose a gorgeous cutlery-grade stainless steel necklace which Arlo loves to play with and chew on. He will happily sit and play with it while we are stuck in waiting areas or on coaches.

Our choice: Yummikeys Feeding and Teething Necklace (£21). This looks much more stylish than others we have seen and Arlo loves the intricate details on it. Being steel it’s super easy to clean on the go than silicone or soft toys.

4. Barefoot / Pre-Walker shoes ~ £19

Our boys started cruising at six months and from that moment onwards they wanted to be on their feet. This was fine at home but in cafes / restaurants, grubby bus stations or airports it can be a little disgusting. We take soft shoes which we can slip on if they want to stand or cruise around furniture while we are out and about!

Our choice: Poco Nido Mini Shoes (£19). These barefoot-feel shoes don’t restrict the baby’s feet so don’t hinder their development. There’s a huge range of unique designs you’ll love and sizes start from three months. Designed to pull on and stay on, these always come out and about with us.

5. Changing pouch ~ £25

With limited space, we soon realised that our normal changing bag wasn’t a great option for travelling. Instead, we use a small pouch that can hold a mat, wipes, sleepsuit, nappy sacs and around five nappies. It’s so much easier to pop the pouch into your backpack for a day out than have to carry a whole separate changing bag. It’s also handy for taking on planes where space is limited both in the baby change toilets and overhead lockers!

Our choice: Cath Kidston Changing Pouch (£25). Stylish and compact, these changing pounces are easy to travel with and fit easily into backpacks and under buggies for when you don’t need the whole changing bag! This one has a waterproof zip pouch to hold any soiled clothes too.

We are always on the look out for travel hacks! Tell us yours in the comments!

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