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Flying with a baby: Five hand-luggage essentials 

Travelling light with a baby can be done! A select few items are all you need to breeze through short and long haul flights with your little one. Babies get a whole carry-on bag just for themselves on most airlines but there’s no need to cram it full. Every baby is different, but from our experience, here are a few must-haves; 

1. Baby carrier

Not only are these great for getting around the airport handsfree beforehand, but they make it so much easier to to walk little ones up and down the narrow aisles! In just one year we have our trusty ErgoBaby360 on eight flights and six boat journeys – our little one falls asleep easily in it and can stay strapped to us when we are sat down if needed.

2. Change of clothes… for you

Of course you would pack a few spare outfits for the baby in case of excessive dribble, vomit or poop (or all three if your baby’s like ours!), but babies tend to overshare when it comes to their mess. Especially if they’re sat on your lap in public. Also, the faint smell of vomit on your shoulder for 13 hours is not pleasant! Layers are great so you can just the outer layer without having to go to the toilet.

3. Food and drink

If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, this is an easy one! But for everyone else, packing extra food and drink can keep little ones happy… and entertained!

Airports allow babies to take liquids (above the 100ml limit) through security and onto the plane – you just need to get the bottles scanned separately. Food is fine to take through so we always pack a range of snacks from fruit and sandwiches to Organix/Goodies biscuits. If your baby is sat on your lap they won’t get any in flight nibbles unless you’ve ordered in advance. Be sure to pack extra in case of delays too.

4. Calpol

In the unfortunate event that your little one becomes poorly on a flight, it’s great to have some Calpol on hand – just as you would at any other time! Calpol is available in small sachets that you can buy beforehand and keep in your hand luggage, or alternatively you can pick up a full size bottle once you’re through to the departures lounge. We’ve never needed to use it during a flight but it’s always in the bag just in case!

5. A familiar snuggie

Something that smells of home such as a favourite soft toy or blanket always helps in unfamiliar places! Baby will probably sleep better and for longer with a familiar snuggie to hold onto.

Do you have any tips for flying with a baby? Comment below!

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