Where do I begin? I’m Aimee, a scuba diving, horse riding, humanitarian aid worker and photographer married to Alex, an expert cyclist, cook and corporate change manager.

We travelled the world together for a decade from the Pyramids at Giza to the coral reefs of Zanzibar and eventually married on the white sand beaches of Mombasa, Kenya. We continued to travel and a few years later found out we were expecting a baby boy.

During my pregnancy, we safaried in Tanzania, saw Victoria Falls from both Zambia and Zimbabwe sides, trekked to see hill tribes in Thailand, snorkelled in Sri Lanka and completed photographic assignments in Kenya. I knew this little one would be a travel pro by the time he was born!

And then the big day arrived – welcome to the world Fin! At 16 weeks we jetted off to Cuba for our first adventure as a family of three and it was even more amazing than any of our travels had ever been before. We were seeing the world differently.

With our superstar baby taking 5 hour flight delays in his stride, we booked our next trip to Ireland… then to Turkey… then to Miami… France, Bali, Monaco, Gili Islands, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal… the list went on…

Some people think we are crazy (and maybe we are!) but experiencing new places and cultures with our little one is amazing. We can’t think of anything we’d rather do.

PS.   How I Wander is named after out little boy’s favourite nursery rhyme, with a little travel twist.